• Snap up Sleeping Bag Sewing Tutorial
  • DIY Boyfriend Jeans
  • Make This: Easy Chiffon Back Top
  • Dress Up With Lego – Lego Bows & Bow Ties
  • Women’s Lace Exposed Zipper Top DIY

Galaxy Moon Phases Wall Hanging DIY


Are your kids into astronomy? Then you will love this Galaxy Lunar Wall Hanging Art project by Tara of the Sewing Rabbit Team! Teach them all about the various moon cycles in a cool, fun way that will have them excited excited learn and star gaze with you! I love fun projects like this. Galaxy Moon […]

What I’ve been working on…


I am officially sleeping in our new house – woo hoo!!  For those of you who follow along, you know we have been in the process of moving.  THIS IS THE WEEK. The week I have been working towards for the past 2 months. I have been packing up boxes, and trying to get rooms […]

Women’s Lace Exposed Zipper Top DIY

Women's Lace Exposed Zipper Top DIY

Are you getting your wardrobe ready for Spring yet? Alexia of the Sewing Rabbit Team is here today to help.  Her gorgeous lace exposed zipper top DIY is simply stunning, and perfect for the sunshine! Sewing with lace might seem tricky, but she gives some great tips to help you get the perfect edge. I […]

Pocket Pals Pillow – a Tutorial

Pocket Pillow Pals - a Sewing Tutorial

Once again, Nicole of the Sewing Rabbit Team is AMAZING.  The pocket pals pillow is the cutest decorative pillow for kids I have seen in forever. Kids will love having a place to store their Legos, Polly Pockets, Lala Loopsies, and other small toys – to keep near and dear to them while they sleep. And […]

Paper Rose DIY

Paper Rose DIY

I am attending a wedding this evening, and in the midst of preparation started fiddling around with some paper flowers. I love the way these paper roses look. Made from basic cardstock, they add beauty to the table with their simple elegance. Plus, I was able to make them in advance which always helps save […]

You Sewed It…


I have been blown away by what the Pattern Members are sewing up. This past March there were lots of Knight Hoodies…lots and lots of them!  As well as a few Madeline dresses, travel bags, and other projects thrown into the mix for fun :). After all, we are a bunch of sewing loving fools […]