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Fun things sewing lovers or human beings will like. (that means you)

How to Stay Sane Blogging

Having been blogging for almost 5 years now, I have been on the roller coaster long enough to know that it goes up and down...and even somet...

Stop Procrasti-Surfing

We've all done it. We have a list a mile long, and we finally get time to sit down and start busting it hour later we realize we ha...

Warrior Stripe - Stand Up

We were standing around talking as we waited to drop off our little ones at Preschool.  You just had a baby, and I naturally asked how you w...

STYLO - Issue 3

Other Cool Things

Because food, crafts, and other stuff are awesome too.


Leftover Candy Cookies

What happens when you still have candy leftover from Halloween, and the kids come home from yet another holiday with bags filled with even M...


Five and Ten Designs - 1 Pattern, 5 Designers

Round Ups

Loads of sewing DIYs, all in once place.

Make this Look

Patterns sewn recently, and other inspirationalal ideas for what you can make.

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